A mobile glucose monitor for diabetics and a textile range inspired by climate change have won two UNSW graduates prestigious Design Institute of Australia awards.

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While the early days of AirTasker may have been hard, Tim Fung's persistence has paid off. The company has over 450,000 users and is currently processing $40 million worth of job transactions annually.

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CEO of AirTasker and UNSW Business Alumni Tim Fung


UNSW Associate Professor Paul Thomas takes quantum computing and turns it into art. Here he speaks about his work "Quantum Consciousness", which is based on the work being done by Associate Professor Andrea Morello at the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Computer Technology at UNSW. 

Affordable power storage is the missing link in the renewable energy revolution. Neeraj Sharma is developing next-generation rechargeable batteries that run on seawater.

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UNSW researcher Neeraj Sharma 


UNSWorld Summer 2016 
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